Christine de Jong

Since 1997 I make portraits of people as well as of nature. I look upon a portrait as an ultimate experience of the moment, comparable to the Japanese haiku. I work in a western tradition but also feel the eastern influence of leaving things out and concentrating in the moment.


What is a person's expression like, what is the atmosphere, which colours fit that atmosphere? And in the case of human portrait: what else is characteristic of the personality? The likeness is of course essential, especially when working in commission. But all the factors together, the appearance, the mood, the colours, the light, the brush strokes, etc. define the character of the portrait of a person, a landscape, or any other phenomenon in nature.



As life can only be lived from one moment to the next it is important to show the experience of that moment. In this way the history of the world is told. The subject may be a mountain in Greece, a sky in the south-east of Amsterdam, a tree in the south of France, a favourite writer, one's own child, a friend, or a member of the multicultural choir, to express whatever strikes me in an intensive experience. That is what it is all about in the portraits.



I thank my drawing and painting lessons to a.o. Cornelie Bartlema, Mieke Dillo and Inge Schagen, and my lessons in life to a.o. Thich Nath Hanh, Paolo Coëlho, Meindert van den Heuvel and Marijke Moers

Christine de Jong

Amsterdam, 2011